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Rumsen Ohlone OCTOBER Events, Ceremonies


Indigenous Peoples Day Sunrise Gathering, Mon, Oct 8, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Ohlone Territory.  Commemorating 520 years of Indigenous resistance and honoring struggles to protect sacred places.  Presenters include: IITC board members Hinewirangi Kohu, Maori Nation; Ron Lameman, Beaver Lake Cree Nation; Radley Davis, Pit River Nation; Bill Means, Oglala Lakota Nation; IITC ED Andrea Carmen, Yaqui Nation, Ohlone Welcoming by Anne Marie Sayers, MC Lakota Harden, plus Pomo, Aztec and Pacific Island Dancers, Drummers and more. Ticket office opens at 4:15 am, Boats start at 5:15 am, Tickets $11, Children under 5 free, wheelchair accessible.  Advance tickets: http://www.alcatrazcruises.com.  Sponsors: International Indian Treaty Council and American Indian Contemporary Arts.  Simulcast at kpfa 94.1 and online at http://www.kpfa.org.  For info: Mark Anquoe, mark@treatycouncil.org, 415.641-4482, www.treatycouncil.org.

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