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Ohlone Talking Circle and Turkey feed on Veterans Day

Ohlone Turkey feed after the parade:
1pm. Room 223, in the Veteran’s Building
2pm. Ohlone talking circle led by Chief Tony Cerda

Ohlone 2013 Cycle of Ceremonies:
Aug 3rd, Hiroshima Day
Oct 12th: Fleet Week
Nov. 10th Veteran’s Day

Aug 3rd Hiroshima Day:

We will conduct a healing ceremony at Yosemite Slough in the Hunter’s Point Naval Base, where the Atomic bombs last touched US soil and within ¼ mile of 16 recorded Ohlone village sites.

Oct. 12th, Fleet Week: During the Ohlone Indigenous People’s Day events in 2013 we hope to:
Feast with the Italians in North Beach on Columbus Day, Oct. 13th
Dance with the soldiers on Crissy Field during fleet week on Oct. 12th, and
Celebrate with the Indians on Alcatraz, Oct 14th

Nov. 10th: Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day
Honor Dances at ‘Fulfilling the Promise,’
Ohlone Teach-in: Call for Reconciliation
The city will celebrate ‘Fulfilling the Promise’ made to veterans in 1923 by unveiling a memorial.

The Original intention in 1923 was for Armistice: an end to all wars!
We are Ohlone, we want to raise that original intention: Armistice, an end to all wars. The city’s monument will include Archibald McLeish’s poem, “Young Dead Soldiers” whose refrain asks: ‘Who has not heard them?’ So we ask: “who has not heard the original veterans?”

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