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Rumsen Ohlone OCTOBER Events, Ceremonies

Indigenous Peoples Day Sunrise Gathering, Mon, Oct 8, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Ohlone Territory.  Commemorating 520 years of Indigenous resistance and honoring struggles to protect sacred places.  Presenters include: IITC board members Hinewirangi Kohu, Maori Nation; Ron Lameman, Beaver Lake Cree Nation; Radley Davis, Pit [...]

Coit Tower Projection and KPOO Broadcast

Wednesday night 6pm.
1) Broadcast and projection will began with a ceremony led by Ohlone Costanoan Carmel Rumsen Tribal Chair Tony Cerda, supported by Indian Canyon Chair, Ann Marie Sayers, American Indian Movement leader Clyde Bellecourt, and directors of several organizations that are offering support for Ohlone renewal.

2) Act two will include broadcasting a unique recording of key meetings and interviews made on Alcatraz during February of 1970, of Alcatraz occupiers telling their goals and perspectives. It provides a powerful window on the exuberance and clarity of the Red Power Movement at that time. Our guest will respond, interject, and reflect on that window.

3) Act three will discuss the consequences of Alcatraz. Members of the International Indian Treaty Council, and veterans of the occupation, and a special guest, one of the skippers of Sausalito Indian Navy, Mary Crowley, will tell us stories of solidarity on the sea.

We’ll project five short films onto Coit Tower while these guests converse: films about Alcatraz and the Ohlone, all made within the last few months, will dance on Coit Tower. Films by Marlo McKenzie, Sam and Keith Moreau, Anthony Sol, Rupert, Ben Wood and Dave Mark, Catherine Herrera, and Richard Robinson and Lorenzo will accompany the broadcast.

At 10pm we’ll project the full and excellent documentary “Alcatraz is not an Island,” and we’ll broadcast the audio from that stunning documentary of that history making event.

If we can webcast the event, look for a live Quicktime video stream here: