We All Come from Tribes

John Trudell lays out the thesis “We All Come from Tribes” in this talk. His analysis guides my understanding of why I have chosen to commit to Ohlone renewal and rennaisance. I too came from a tribe. My ancestors were displaced by war and conquest, fled conscription into the British army, were forced out from their wooded ancestral lands by forest fires and came first to Nova Scotia then to the US in a mixture of avoiding subjegation and seeking the space to heal from the trauma and reassert indigenous values.

John gave this talk in 1997 at an event I hosted at the Unitarian Society of San Francisco. Rosemary Cambra agreed to give the introduction and describes her experience in the Bay Area in 1969 and her veiws, then and now, of the Alcatraz Red Power Movement.

Text of John’s talk:http://warmcove.org/ohloneprofiles/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/We_All_Come_From_Tribes.htm

Audio of John’s Talk:

Rosemary’s Introduction:

The event occurred two days after three environmental activists including Milok Bulter, were murdered by the Shining Path in Peru. The evening opened with a description of their work by Patrick Rainsborough, now a leading strategist with Smartmeme, be sure to check them out: smartmeme.org